Mouse Control Made Simple For Atlanta Homeowners

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Pest control in Atlanta is our bread and butter! We share our lovely climate with a number of pests and nuisance wildlife that can cause headaches for homeowners.

Among the most common pests you'll see around town and in our homes (especially in the cooler months) are rodents like mice, squirrels, and rats.

While not the most dangerous pests in the world, rodent infestations can quickly become overwhelming and hazardous if not taken care of immediately.

We've put together a guide of fast facts and interesting information about mice that homeowners can use to stay ten steps ahead of any infestation and what to do if one takes hold.

Signs You Have A Mouse Problem In Your Home

Mice can be tricky to spot; they're very quick and tend to know when the safest time to come out from hiding is. For most, that'll be at night when you and your family and pets are sound asleep.

Identifying an infestation of mice relies on spotting the signs and symptoms of their presence rather than the animals themselves. Mouse identification, in some ways, is like detective work.

Be on the lookout for droppings or other bits of disturbed food on the floor in your home. Bathrooms and kitchens are favorite places for mice, so inspect the floor and wall areas for any entryways they may use. You may be dealing with mice if you see food or droppings there.

The Many Problems Mice Can Create In A Home

The main reason it's important to keep mice away from your home is the number of problems and headaches they can cause for homeowners. Rodents are avid chewers and use their surroundings to sharpen or dull their teeth as needed.

Because of this, rodents will often cause damage to structures in some way if left to their own devices long enough. Mice and rats, in particular, are famous for chewing on wires, pipes, and the very wood that holds up your home!

Even though mice don't pose a predatory threat to us, they can be a serious detriment to any structure.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Mouse Control

Mouse pest control is no easy task. Because mice are far quicker than you and have a vested interest in remaining hidden, they won't be easy to find. That's where mouse traps and other tools come in for most homeowners.

However, there's a bit of a misconception as to how effective those methods are. Mice and rats are fully capable of learning to avoid traps and poisons if members of their group fall prey to them.

Traps and other similar methods are only really good at handling one or two mice who have wandered onto the property and provide no insurance against other mice lying in wait inside your walls.

It logically follows that only professionals like us here at Solstys Environmental can evict a full infestation of mice once they've taken hold.

The Pros To Call For Safe And Effective Mouse Control

If you want to get rid of mice and keep mice away for good, then only a professional solution can do the job effectively. The technicians at Solstys Environmental are your go-to pros for dealing with infestations of any kind, not just mice or rodents.

Now, you know how to deal with mouse infestations, small or large. Responsible mouse control starts with the homeowner, but a full infestation is best left to the professionals. Call Solstys Environmental to get started on reclaiming your home from mice and other pests.

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