The Secret To Getting Rid Of A Spider Problem In Your Atlanta Home

house spider on bricks

If you think spiders are the creepy crawly creatures that only come out for Halloween, think again. Spiders are a common pest in Atlanta that residents deal with daily. And although there are many different types of spiders in the area, some of the most common spiders you’ll find are the black widow, wolf, orb weaver, and common house spiders.

As a Georgia resident, spiders will be the least of your concern with the best pest control in Atlanta. Contact Solstys Environmental to protect you and your home from nuisance and sometimes venomous spiders.

Characteristics Of Common Spiders

The Arachnid class includes spiders, ticks, daddy longlegs, and scorpions. Spiders have just two body parts, an abdomen, and a cephalothorax, like all other arachnids. These two body parts connect at their waist by a pedicel, a narrow tube. The cephalothorax is hard and has the infamous eight legs of a spider, whereas the abdomen is soft and not segmented. Although some spiders have fewer or even no eyes, most have eight eyes, and all have relatively poor vision.

Spiders use a variety of tactics to catch prey, including many different types of organisms. They can mimic their prey to avoid detection, lasso it with sticky balls, trap it in webs of sticky material, or chase and tackle it. Most hunters primarily use vibrations to detect their prey, but active hunters have keen vision.

Spiders primarily consider the potential for reproduction and the accessibility of prey when deciding where to live. To assess whether there will be enough food and a suitable location to lay their eggs, they typically build a web to scout out potential nesting sites.

Contact Solstys Environmental to find out if you have a spider infestation or to find out more about spiders in the Atlanta area.

What It Means If You're Seeing Spiders In Your Home

In many cases, spiders indicate the presence of other pests in your home, and it's often pests you don't physically see.

Spiders prefer insects to human food. Therefore, if you notice that they are around more frequently than usual, it is likely that they are engaged in some internal pest management of your home. The good news is that many spiders are not dangerous to humans, and most do not bite. To avoid and quickly get rid of spiders, it is a good idea to be aware of the venomous spider species that are most prevalent in your area. Contact Solstys Environmental to begin your spider pest control services.

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your Home

Different types of spiders favor various types of habitats. Some spiders seek refuge in basements, crawl spaces, and other moist areas of a house because moisture draws them.

Other spiders favor drier areas, like attics, high upper corners of rooms, and air vents. Most common house spiders live their entire lives indoors, concealed in dark places where they can access food and water.

They will be challenging to get rid of and keep returning unless you determine why spiders are coming into your home. To assist you, contact Solstys Environmental.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Spider Control Solution

The sooner you eliminate spiders, the safer your Atlanta home will be. Call us immediately if you believe your spider problem has gotten out of hand, and inquire about our residential pest control options. At Solstys Environmental, we have trained professionals standing by who are happy to answer any questions you may have about spider pest control.

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