What It Takes To Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Atlanta Home

a bed bug crawling on furniture in a home

If you're looking for a big city vibe with tons of southern hospitality, look no further than Atlanta, Georgia. With world-class attractions like professional sports and entertainment venues, unparalleled cuisine, and unlimited fun, it's easy to see why Atlanta is often a top destination for travelers. One seasoned traveler that enjoys visiting Atlanta homes is the bed bug. Without pest control in Atlanta, this tenacious blood-sucking pest might make living conditions inside homes intolerable.

Bed Bug Bites Are Often The First Sign Of A Problem

Bed bugs have a well-known reputation for silently accessing homes by hitchhiking on items brought into homes. Since they don't ring the doorbell to announce their arrival, a person's first inclination that they're in the house is when they start developing bites on their body.

Bed bugs need blood to survive (they're parasites), so when they enter homes, they typically end up in bedrooms. Bed bugs usually hide in bed frames, behind headboards, or mattresses during the day and emerge at night to feed. People provide the perfect smorgasbord for bed bugs and will siphon blood throughout the night before returning to their hiding places. Because bed bug bites are painless, most people have no clue they've received bites until a couple of days later; they start noticing some itchy, red, and swollen bumps on their bodies (typically in a pattern or in small clusters). Since other house pests can also leave bites, it's always wise to call in a pest professional like Solstys Environmental for bed bug control in Atlanta. Our technicians can diagnose your pest problem and make recommendations for quick remediation.

All The Ways A Bed Bug Infestation Can Be Problematic

Removal must happen quickly if and when bed bug infestations are confirmed within your home. Bed bugs allowed to operate within your home unabated will cause multiple issues that can adversely affect your family.

Four reasons why bed bug infestations are problematic include:

  1. Loss of sleep
  2. Anxiety
  3. Quick reproduction and rapid spreading
  4. Bites

When there's a good blood supply in your home for bed bugs to feast upon, they're not going away without a fight. Solstys Environmental has expert bed bug control services in Atlanta that can restore your home to its comfortable pest-free condition.

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Often Fails

There's a do-it-yourself fix for everything on the Internet, but don't be fooled. Over 75% of pest experts agree that bed bugs are among the toughest pests to get out of buildings. Bed bugs are masters at hiding in homes. With all the nooks and crannies within a home, store-bought treatments rarely reach where bed bugs hide. Since adult bed bugs can go without a blood meal for months, you may erroneously believe you've eliminated bed bugs with your do-it-yourself treatments only to find them returning repeatedly. Bed bugs can also survive extreme temperature fluctuations, making them difficult to eradicate. Since bed bugs can move and expand throughout homes quickly, you may have difficulty finding where bed bugs are living to treat them.

To ensure bed bug removal, you need help from a pest professional. At Solstys Environmental, we know how bed bugs operate and what pest control solutions are best at eliminating bed bugs quickly and thoroughly from your Atlanta home.

The Best Bed Bug Control Solution For Your Home

The best local pest control for bed bugs comes with professional pest services offered by Solstys Environmental. We ensure our customers stay comfortable in their homes by preventing and removing unexpected and unwanted pests. We personalize our pest control treatments to meet our customers' needs ensuring you get quality work at an affordable price. Don't fight bed bugs on your own. Call Solstys Environmental today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Atlanta.

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