Why Spiders Invade Atlanta Homes And How To Keep Them Out

a common house spider crawling on a wall

Pest control in Atlanta is extremely important. We share our lovely climate with a number of nuisance wildlife and pests, ranging from rodents to insects and everything in between.

Not least of the Atlanta homeowner’s worries are spiders. Though many spiders are innocuous and pose no outright risk to us, some do – and should be considered a threat the very moment you lay eyes on them.

We’ve put together a guide on spiders common to the region, as well as steps to take if you think your home may be playing host to these creepy crawlies.

Types Of Spiders Commonly Found Around Atlanta

There are many types of spiders in Atlanta, and thankfully, they’re not the creepiest spiders in the world! That distinction would belong to a region with an even warmer climate than the one we have.

That said, we do have several different species of spiders in our area.

Here are five of the most common spiders you may encounter in your home:

  • Black widow spider
  • Brown recluse spider
  • Common house spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Garden spider
  • Jumping spider

While most of these species are harmless, the black widow and brown recluse can both be dangerous to humans.

Most Spiders Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

While spiders may look terrifying and like something out of a horror movie, they’re not usually aggressive toward humans. They don’t feed on us, either.

Most spiders are a nuisance more so than an outright danger or health risk for that reason. Different kinds of spiders present unique circumstances, and some, of course, are actually dangerous, such as the brown recluse and the black widow. Usually, though, you can rest easy – spiders in your home are more of an inconvenience than a reason to dial 911.

Always be aware of the fact that some spiders are dangerous. If you’re not sure what sort of spider you’ve seen, err on the side of caution and call in the pros.

How And Why Spiders Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Spiders are unlike humans in almost every way. That said, they share one or two things in common with us, and those commonalities are the very cause of spiders trying so hard to make their way into our homes: they’re after food and shelter!

Common house spiders are little more than opportunists, staying where conditions are relatively liveable and suitable for them. That can be in the basement of a home or anywhere else on the property.

By maintaining a clean and clutter-free Atlanta home and eliminating sources of standing water, you’ll be doing a lot in removing some of the attractors for pests of all kinds – not just spiders.

The Key To Total Spider Control For Atlanta Homes

Plenty of people ask us about creative remedies for DIY spider control. We hear people ask about essential oils to kill spiders and other scents or even sounds! If you want to know what scent keeps spiders away, you’re unfortunately a little starved for options.

While some plants or materials may be unappealing to spiders, there’s no way to curtail an infestation of them using minor deterrents alone. The only surefire way to get rid of a spider infestation and tackle the factors that could lead to another one developing is to get the pros involved!

Solstys Environmental is standing by and ready to help you retake your home from these creepy crawlies. Spiders aren’t just a nuisance, but a potential health risk and a hazard to your safety. Don’t play the odds – call anytime to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Atlanta.

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