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Peachtree City, a city in Fayette County, Georgia, is known for its large number of lakes and its abundance of parks and green space. It is a haven for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing. Its network of golf cart paths, which connect many parts of the city and which residents use as a means of transportation, add to its unique charm.

But while moving around is convenient for Peachtree City's residents, it is the same for various pests that invade homes and businesses year-round in Fayette County. At Solstys Environmental, we have experience dealing with many types of infestations, including palmetto bugs, silverfish, box elders, crickets, ladybugs, earwigs, sow bugs, scorpions, spiders, bees, and rodents.

If you need pest control in Peachtree City, contact us today to learn more about how we can help get rid of your infestations safely and effectively.

Residential Pest Control In Peachtree City

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Once pests find a way to get into homes, it is only a matter of time until they reproduce and multiply. As soon as you notice this happening, it is time to look for top-quality residential pest control near you to exterminate them before you end up with a full-blown infestation.

While you might want to wait for the seasons to change to see if your unwanted visitors go away on their own, we always recommend tackling the issue early to save time and money. And since many pests carry dangerous diseases, letting them roam through your house could make you and your family sick.

With convenient same-day and next-day service options and a competitively priced initial service fee, there is no reason to put up with pests in your home any longer. Reach out to us today and find out how we can make your property pest-free quickly and effectively.

Commercial Pest Control In Peachtree City

Few things are more panic-inducing than a sudden pest infestation in your business, threatening your livelihood and the health and safety of your employees and customers.

But thanks to our highly effective commercial pest control servicesyou do not need to worry. Starting from the initial visit and continuing with treatments, follow-up visits when needed, inspections if necessary, and prevention strategies you can do in between, your pest problem can be a distant memory before you know it.

Contact us today to find out more. Our team of licensed professionals is backed by years of experience and perfect 5-star ratings from happy customers.

Five Lies About Bed Bugs In Peachtree City, You Probably Still Believe

No one wants to suffer from bed bug bites all night, and while getting rid of them is not difficult with the right tools and experience, an infestation can get worse quickly if not handled properly. Here are five lies about bed bugs in Peachtree City that you might still believe: 

  1. You only find bed bugs in dirty places: You can find bed bugs in any type of home, clean or not. They are attracted to warm bodies, not dirt.
  2. They are too small to see: Bed bugs can be difficult to spot, but, being the size of an apple seed, you can still see them with the naked eye. 
  3. You can only find bed bugs in cheap motels: You can find bed bugs in any hotel, including high-end ones. They will infest any location where they have access to a food source.
  4. You can't get bed bugs in public: Bed bugs can hitchhike from one place to another through clothing, luggage, or other personal items. You can get them on the bus and in movie theaters too. 
  5. You need pesticides to kill bed bugs: Pesticides have a place in bed bug control, but they are not the only option. You can also use heat treatment and steam cleaning.

A professional bed bug control company like Solstys Environmental can help you determine the best strategies to eliminate these parasitic pests in your home.

Peachtree City's Complete German Cockroach Control Guide

You can find various types of cockroaches in Peachtree City, but one of the most common is the German cockroach. This type is small and brown with an oval-shaped body and non-functional wings.

Like other kinds of cockroaches, they can carry and transmit diseases by picking up bacteria and other pathogens while scavenging for food and bringing them into our homes and businesses. They can also trigger allergies and asthma in children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. 

Getting rid of them often includes keeping your home and yard clean and free of clutter, sealing off entry points in your foundation and the structure of your home, putting food leftovers away, and keeping your pantry organized. 

To learn more about effective cockroach control, reach out to a team member at Solstys Environmental. We will be on our way to making your infestation a thing of the past.

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