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There is a lot to be said about Douglasville, GA, and many reasons to call our city home. One thing that takes away from the comforts and amenities our area provides is pests. There are so many local species that want to invade your home or business. The question is, how are you going to stop them from getting inside?

We will take some time today to offer some helpful information about residential and commercial pest control and discuss some of the pests we treat at Solstys Environmental. Join us now as we break down everything you need to know about keeping your home or business pest free and find pest control in Douglasville, GA, that best meets your needs.

Residential Pest Control In Douglasville

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By far, our most popular service is our residential pest control. Currently, we assist over 15,000 locals with all sorts of pest-related problems. Most of this involves providing dedicated year-round treatments to prevent pest infestation actively. If you want to get started with a yearly pest control plan, it all begins with a thorough inspection. We will send a technician your way to identify pest pressures on your property and ways invasive species might get into your home. Your technician will then utilize industrial-grade treatments on the interior and exterior of your residential structure.

Treatments vary depending on the types of pests on your property. Your technician will work closely with you to provide the level of protection you want. For example, you might opt for general pest control alone or in combination with specialty services like mosquito, ant, or termite control. Just know that whatever you choose, we will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you and your home are well taken care of. Get in touch with one of our friendly service representatives now to schedule an appointment for your Douglasville, GA home.

Commercial Pest Control In Douglasville

One thing we are most proud of is our partnership with local businesses. Since we were large enough to service business buildings, we actively sought opportunities to help local establishments. Our quality commercial pest control is similar to our residential options but involves a much closer connection to you, the business owner. Our goal is to inform you about pests that might invade your building and offer the level of services required to keep you safe from all the problems pests cause.

Some common pests that might challenge your reputation include cockroaches, rats, mice, flies, fleas, and ticks. Consider partnering with our team today to keep your customers, products, and employees safe and happy. Call us now or check out our commercial pest control service page to learn more about our options and find a time to meet with one of our professionals.

The Dangers Of Mosquitoes In Douglasville

There is a good chance that you have been bitten by a mosquito many times before and have not gotten sick. The majority of these pests in America do not pose a direct threat to humans; however, this does not mean that mosquitoes are not dangerous. These small, blood-feeding flies can pick up harmful diseases from infected humans and animals and transmit them to you. Here are a few illnesses these pests can spread:

  • Dengue virus
  • Japanese encephalitis virus
  • Yellow fever
  • Malaria

You are most likely to get sick if an outbreak of one of these diseases occurs in our area. The good news is that the CDC works hard to track these outbreaks to help residents avoid sickness. There are also great medical options if you do get sick. To reduce your chances of finding different types of mosquitoes on your Douglasville property, consider investing in professional mosquito control. Talk to our team now to learn more about this service.

Douglasville's Guide To Ant Control

Are there any pests more annoying than ants? These local insects love to invade homes to steal food. Some species are even dangerous or destructive. Some common types of ants you should know about are carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, and fire ants. In order to keep these pests out of your home, we highly recommend investing in professional ant control.

Ant control is just one service we offer at Solstys Environmental. Whether you are dealing with a full-blown infestation inside your home or looking for a simple way to prevent these pests year-round, we have options you should consider. Contact us today to ask about our ant pest control and talk to one of our technicians about scheduling an appointment for your Douglasville home and property. We will make sure you are well taken care of.

Bed Bug Infestations Can Happen To Anyone In Douglassville

The idea of waking up to rows or clusters of raised, itchy bumps on their body is no experience any homeowner wants in Douglassville. A bed bug infestation is a nightmare requiring swift action to eliminate it quickly. These tiny insects can live for months in hiding without feeding. A professional pest control treatment is the best way to expel these parasites from your property.

Solstys Environmental provides top-notch bed bug control for homeowners and businesses. These pests will infest furniture or travel via hitchhiking in appliances, picture frames, or luggage. It’s wise to inspect items when bringing them into a building, carefully checking them for signs of bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations are increasing due to frequent travel, visits to crowded locations, hotel stays, and the purchase of secondhand items. Property owners suffer frustration, anxiety, and sleepless nights when bed bugs are around. Forget about setting up DIY traps or using conventional products to control these insects. Call the pros for help with bed bug control in Douglasville.

Remove elements that attract parasitic bed bugs. Use the following tips to deter infestations and give Solstys Environmental a call to ensure these pests stay gone:

  • Cover your mattress and pillows with protective covers to keep bugs out.
  • Regularly vacuum your mattress, headboard, carpeting, and baseboards.
  • Seal or cover tiny cracks, gaps, and holes where bugs can hide.

Contact Solstys Environmental at the first sign of bed bugs and get the best residential and commercial pest control treatment around.

Why Do I Have German Cockroaches In My Douglassville Home

Unfortunately, nature finds a way to persist and coexist with people. The German cockroach is among the most challenging insects to eliminate in homes, especially without professional products and exclusion techniques. These critters thrive inside dwellings with plenty of food, water, and hiding spots. Once inside your home, German cockroaches rapidly reproduce, contaminate food and surfaces, and spread pathogens.

The best way to eliminate German cockroaches is to call Solstys Environmental for help. These insects aren’t picky eaters and don’t mind ruining your health and personal property.

Consider the following:

  • Cockroaches love to hide around leaking plumbing, sewers, drains, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  • Cover food, garbage, and compost, and remove rotting items immediately to eliminate food sources.
  • Regularly sweep, mop, vacuum, and reduce clutter to prevent clusters of insects.

Resist the urge to squash roaches and spread pathogens throughout your abode. These critters may exacerbate allergies and respiratory ailments and litter your property with disgusting droppings.

Call Solstys Environmental for the best German cockroach control services in Douglassville and stop harmful infestations.

Natural Rodent Prevention Tips For Douglassville Homes

It’s upsetting to discover rodent families hiding in a crawl space, between walls, in the attic, or in a cluttered closet. However, rodents will chew their way into your house, squeeze between gaps and holes around wiring and plumbing, and build nests. These critters use paper, human hair, and other items to build homes for their families and feast on garbage and pet food. Year-round, rodents will find a way to enter your property, spread pathogens, and create a path of destruction.

Solstys Environmental can help determine entry points that rodents use to invade your abode. Our rodent control services in Douglasville involve carefully inspecting your property’s interior and exterior and applying effective products to deter pests.

How can homeowners protect themselves against invading rodents? Exclude pests by sealing off entrances and removing elements that attract them to your property.

Try the following to deter activity:

  • Cover compost piles, garbage, and food in appropriate chew-proof containers that are out of reach from critters.
  • Remove sources of standing water, fix leaking pipes, and clear drains and gutters.
  • Seal off entrances like small cracks and gaps around doors, windows, plumbing, wires, and exterior walls.
  • Schedule regular visits from a professional pest control company to inspect and treat your dwelling for rodents.

Send critters packing and thwart infestations of rodents by calling Solstys Environmental for routine services.

How Do I Permanently Control Termites In Douglassville?

It’s a horrific surprise for homeowners to discover they have hidden termite damage or active colonies. When these insects get a foothold, they excavate vast swathes of wood within walls, staircases, and floors, and will even invade furniture. Homeowners must inspect secondhand wood items and furniture before bringing them inside. An annual termite inspection helps detect ongoing problems or past damage that needs a remedy.

Solstys Environmental provides quality termite control treatments and in-depth property inspections to stop these insects. Termites don’t care about causing expensive repairs, structural damage, or returning to reinfest a property. Professional bait, monitoring, and applying products that target where termites live and thrive are essential to eliminating this problem.

Property owners should reduce the elements that attract these insects and watch for signs of structural damage. Before placing a home on the market for sale, making improvements, or assessing current value, any pest-related damages can take the wind out of your sails.

Regularly inspect your property for termites annually and do the following:

  • Put down diatomaceous earth around the exterior of your structure where the building meets the adjacent soil.
  • Reduce moisture problems inside and out by running a dehumidifier, improving airflow, and fixing drainage and water damage issues.
  • Repair and replace structural elements that show signs of termite activity, fungi, mold, or decay.

Contact Solstys Environmental for termite control to eliminate termites on your property.

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